Palette and Sawdust

About Us

Palette and Sawdust is a Mom (Bev) and Pop (Chuck) business run from our home in beautiful Idaho.

Bev attended a woodworking show in 1991 and purchased her first scroll saw. She loved cutting things on her saw, but needed to do something with all those cute cutouts. So she took a tole class at a local craft store and was hooked. She found a local tole shop and took as many lessons as she could fit into a tight schedule of work, remodeling our home (at that time in the San Francisco Bay area) and taking care of the household!

After 3 years of painting, the shop owner asked her to teach a class and she was hooked on teaching. Besides taking and teaching classes at the tole shop, Bev attended as many conventions as was possible. Bev kept Chuck busy making projects for her and it wasn’t long before he was making things for her friends. In 1998 Bev retired from her real job and we moved to San Diego County to take advantage of the beautiful weather. We began cutting wood for craft shows and Palette and Sawdust was born.

Chuck has been retired since 1991 and is very happy working in the wood shop. He loves designing new pieces and if Bev is gone to convention or the orders are all caught up, Bev usually has a new wood surface to paint before long. Keep a tab on the "What's New" page to see some of his designs. He loves brainstorming with Bev, especially after her return from conventions and hearing the suggestions for projects clients would love to paint.

In 2007, we decided to move to Idaho.  We were able to purchase a home with a large shop and then added a room for a studio. Chuck now has his dream shop and Bev has her studio where the wood we make is displayed and classes are taught.

If you are ever in the Boise area and would like to visit, give us a call.

Palette and Sawdust