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Candle Holders

Footed Candle Holders

4" SQ x 5 1/4" T    GP-001    $12.00
4" SQ x  7" T      GP-001-M   $14.00
4" SQ x 8" T      GP-001-L     $16.00

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Tall Votive Holder
4" x 4" x 7T"
PS-059     $10.00


Pedestal Candle Holder

Developed for our good friend Vicki Gardiner. This holder is available with a votive holder hole . The top also has 9 small holes drilled around the perimeter to allow wiring for garland. At Vicki's request, we removed the trim at the bottom of the holder.

Each holder measures 4" X 4" X 7"T
VG-001  Votive Pedestal  $14

VG-001-A 16 Stocking Cutouts $5